Babun – A terminal emulator for Window

As a scientific programmer, I spent most of my time working on Unix systems, and have grown accustomed to the range of features in various shells. I also develop on Windows occasionally, as in my opinion the Visual Studio IDE is excellent for large projects, and some of my projects currently require it.
I mostly used Git Bash, bundled with the Windows installation of git for my command line needs as it provides just enough to get by. However, I’ve recently been working exclusively on my Windows machine and needed a set up that was slightly more reminiscent of my meticulously crafted oh-my-zsh setup in iTerm2 for OS X. The obvious choice is to configure Cygwin but the effort required is non-trivial.

I stumbled upon Babun, which has done all the hard work for me. It comes with Cygwin, oh-my-zsh, a Mintty console and a whole load of other stuff. Right out of the box, it comes close enough to my usual set up on a unix system to be practical, and doesn’t look like something from the punch-card era. Install tmux with the following command, and nobody will ever know you’re using Windows:

pict install tmux

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